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About Us: My wife and I met in 1995 and married in 1999. When we met I was starting a business, while completing my Bachelor’s degree. My wife was running a successful business cleaning upscale homes and businesses. Beside her looks, what attracted me to her was that she was self-employed, which meant that she would understand my need to be self -employed.

My wife is my source for inspiration and knowledge. She and I discuss world events and ways things could be done better. In the military I learned that if you complain about something, but don’t suggest at least one possible solution, you’re whining. With your help, this BLOG will give us the opportunity to bring-up possible solutions to problems facing our world, and make suggestions to our elected representatives.

About me, the face of this BLOG: My background is varied and includes: autobody repair, cook/baker, warehouse operations, rifle marksmanship instructor, parachute rigger/instructor (Paratrooper), information systems security manager/instructor, intelligence officer, civil affairs officer and entrepreneur (information systems engineer, real estate investor). I spent four years in the Marine Corps then 30 in the Army; deploying three times. I was enlisted for 20 years and an officer for 14, retiring at the rank of Major.

Education: I believe, especially today, that a college degree is more for show and  less about know. I've met too many college graduates that still have no common sense and don't know how to think (critically). My wife has a BS in Business Admin (minor in Speech Comm.) and I have a BS in Business Admin and an MA in Business and Organizational Security Management. I also have many (now expired) computer/networking certifications.

Long-term: We’d like to help make an impact on how the country, and world, is run, through your direct engagement and by encouraging our elected representatives to do what’s right. Some issues we’d like to discuss in the future are: leadership (what we believe to be the core of many problems), education, healthcare, social security, etc.

We look forward to exchanging ideas with you and, hopefully, help make the world a better place.

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