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About Us: My wife and I met in 1995 and were married in 1999. We met while I was working on starting an information-brokering business, while working to complete my Bachelor’s degree, and she was running a cleaning business, cleaning upscale homes and businesses. Beside her physical traits, what attracted me to her was that she was self-employed, which meant that she would understand my need to be self -employed.

My wife is my source of inspiration and knowledge. She helps keep me informed of what’s happening in the world then we discuss ways things could be done better. In the military we have a saying (paraphrased here), “if you identify something that needs fixing, but don’t suggest at least one possible solution, you’re whining”. We hate whining. With your help, this BLOG will give us the opportunity to bring-up possible solutions to problems facing our world, and help stop whining.

About me, the face of this BLOG: My youth was spent playing various sports and working for my father in his autobody shop. I learned a lot about teamwork, interpersonal relationships, etc., but what I learned most was that I didn’t want to work in autobody repair for a living. It’s hard and dirty work. I worked in two separate factories after HS graduation then decided I needed to see the world. Ijoined the Marine Corps, approximately 10 months after graduating from HS, and spent all four years at Camp Lejeune (after Paris Island, SC, for boot camp). After a seven-year plus break, I joined the Army and spent 30 years in various capacities, at various duty stations. I started my military career like mst people, as a Private (cook/baker) then worked my way to become a Civil Affairs Officer (Major), by retirement. I spent 20 years as an enlisted man (worker, leader/manager) and 14 as an officer (leader/manager), a total of 20 active duty years and 14 reserves. I’ve also been a paratrooper, an information system security manager, an Intelligence Officer, and an instructor of three different jobs: Rifle Marksmanship, Parachute Rigging and IS Security.

Education: My wife has a BS in Business Administration with a minor in Speech Communication. I have a BS in Business Administration and a MA in Business and Organizational Security Management.

Long-term: We’d like to help make an impact on how the country, and world, is run. We hope to make an impact through encouraging our elected “leaders” to do what’s right, or (me) eventually running for public office. Some issues we’d like to discuss in the future are: leadership (what we believe to be the core of many problems), education, healthcare, social security, etc.

We look forward to exchanging ideas with you and, hopefully, help make the world a better place.

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