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Prohibit Federal Vaccine Mandates (Example Letter)

I wrote to Governor McMaster (South Carolina) this morning and put a copy of it here for anyone to use as a guide for writing their own Governor.

Dear Governor McMaster,

12 October, 2021

My wife and I retired to Greer in January 2020 after my serving 34 years in the military (4-Marine Corps and 30-Army; 20-Enlisted (Master Sergeant) and 14-Officer (Major)). My wife and I chose to retire in South Carolina because, among many things, the people are very friendly and it's a conservative state that values freedom and individual rights. We are fiscally conservative and social moderates (depending on the issue).

We would like you to please follow (Texas) Governor Abbott's lead by prohibiting federal vaccine mandates in South Carolina. Most reasonable people know by now that COVID has been blown way out of proportion to its actual effects. We understand it's a real disease and that it's deadly to less than 2% of the population, and that a large portion of those deaths had co-morbidities (that we weren't told about until months into the "pandemic").

The vaccine mandates are an obvious ploy to create fear in the general public so the current administration can seize permanent power and turn our republic into a communist country. We are not conspiracy theorists. Our eyes are wide open and we see through all the lies and misinformation. Please keep South Carolina and the United States free by PROHIBITING FEDERAL VACCINE MANDATES!

Governor Abbott's Executive Order is on the web at:

This is still a free country as I expect South Carolina will continue to be.

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